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Manin Vasiliy Aleksandrovich, Postgraduate student, Military research and education center of the Air Forces “Air Forces Academy named after N. E. Zhukovsky and Y. A. Gagarin” (54a, Staryh Bolshevikov street, Voronezh, Russia),

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Background. At the present time, the developers of prospective samples of aviation complexes pay special attention to decreasing of radar visibility as it plays an important role in successful overcoming of enemy’s air defense systems. One of the most effective methods of radar visibility decreasing today is the use of radiationabsorbent coverings and materials in the design of aviation complexes. At the same time, the operational loads that these covers are exposed to leads to occurrence of different defects in them and, as a result, to increased radar visibility of aviation complexes. Due to a lack of the developed base of mobile control of these coverings and small efficiency of the existing methods and devices, there is a need for creation of new and enhancement of the known methods and devices of defectoscopy.
Materials and methods.The research was based on application of the theory of macroscopic electrodynamics, methods of mathematical and machine modeling, the theory of antennas, methods of mathematical statistics and measurements. The basis of the method is a model of interaction of the microwave field of a surface slow wave with a dielectric material, where the results of assessment of topological deformation of the existential structure of microwave radiation are a measure of the data.
Results. The author checked the adequacy of the developed mathematical model, characterizing the propagation of slow surface electromagnetic waves in a radiationabsorb nt covering at its delamination from the metal base by modeling of a dependence of the key informative parameter of the surface wave field – the attenuation coefficient α and its sensitivity, on changing of parameters of the covering with subsequent verification of the developed mathematical model in the “CST Studio suit” environment of electrodynamic modeling. It is established that minor changes of parameters of the covering, as well as emergence of defects in the form of peeling, leads to reduction of the attenuation coefficient, which was also confirmed by the results of modeling in the “CST Studio suit” program.
Conclusions. The conducted research allows to establish that the offered mathematical model can form a basis of development of radio-wave means of detection and assessment of "delamination"-like defects of the dielectric and magnetodielectric radiation-absorbetn coverings of aviation complexes.

Key words

reduced visibility, coverings, surface electromagnetic waves, mathematical model

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